Pedigree of

Haywire´s A - litter


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

Haywire's Purple Hill

Ch Dygae Velvet Glove Ch Vlandyn Velour Ch Blazewood Crackerjack of Kilvewood
Vlandyn Velvet Plum
Ch Dygae Spellbound Ch Dygae Super Tramp
Scottholme Pollyanna
Ch Haywire's Faithful Marian Ch Rivona Such Selection of Cinonnie Ch Penmoel Such Fun of Rivona
Cinonnie Sierra of Rivona
Haywire´s Indien Fourth Ch Rivona
Such Selection of Cinonnie
Ch Haywire´s Sheer Pleasure

Haywire's No Name

Ch Pemwell Perique Ch Vaquera of Pemwell Ch Blands Status Symbol
Stormerbanks Bob
Pemwell Kismet Ch Belroyd Nut Cracker
Ch Pemwell Pekoe
Ch Haywire's Emmylou Harris Ch Tarujen Alfonzo Ch Adonicus
Finnheeler Free From Fraud
Ch Haywire´s Cinnamon Ch Rivona
Such Selection of Cinonnie
My Mirage April Happiness