Some of The Highlights

Sjoki_BIG1.jpg - 109,1 KB

JCh Haywire's Keeping My Faith In You Group Winner at Seinäjoki IDS in 2022

eckerö_BIS Jun.jpg - 99,0 KB

eckerö_BIS_ÅDS.png - 237,7 KB

JCh Haywire's Looks Like A Million Bucks
BIS Junior at Eckerö in 2022

Haywire's BIS breederat Eckerö in 2022

lranta_BIS3.jpg - 77,2 KB

Ch Haywire's Updated Edition BIS 3rd at Lappeenranta in 2022

joensuu_BIS_2019.jpg - 198,5 KB

Sjoki_BIS vet_2019.jpg - 160,5 KB

Ch Haywire's Don't Mind Me double BIS at Joensuu in 2019

Haywire's Don't Mint Me BIS veteran at Seinäjoki in 2019

erkkari_BIS breeder.jpg - 110,7 KB

Haywire's BIS breeder at Finnish Speciality in 2016

turku_lineoffaith_BIG1.jpg - 159,6 KB

Haywire's Line Of Faith Group Winner at Turku in 2015

BIS_puppy2_dontsayaword.gif - 50,7 KB

Haywire's Don't Say A Word re BIS at Puppy Cup final in 2011

cocvoittaja_2006.jpg - 84,2 KB

Dygae Wild Night Winner of Champion of Champions gala in 2006