Pedigree of

Haywire's R-litter 2014

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Haywire´s Don't Say a Word

Haywire's Verwood Reggae Ch Haywire's Winds of Change Ch Dygae Wild Night
Ch Haywire's Faithful Marian
Ch Anianol Galadriel Ch Dygae Travellers Tale
Ch Trengate Ticket To Ride
Ch Haywire's Perdendo Ch Trengate Mardi Gras Ch Maplecreek Silver Spoon
Trengate Silver Spoon
Ch Haywire's Divertimento Ch Dygae Velvet Glove
Ch Haywire's No Name

Haywire´s Here We Go Again

Ch Daredevil's
Freaky Friday From Staken
Ch Dygae Travellers Tale Ch Stormway Traveller
Ch Dygae Silver Star
Colwyn Midninght Gold Blazewood High Stakes
Ermyn Snowdrop
Ch Haywire's Line of Faith Ch By Ninacorte Gizmo vom Moosacher Ch Ninacorte Got NoVoice
Ninacorte See Mee Dance
Ch Haywire´s Worth of Faith Ch Dygae Wild Night
Ch Haywire´s Faithful Marian