Pedigree of

Haywire's Y-litter

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

Trengate Mardi Gras

Maplecreek Silver Spoon
Ch Aberlee Storm Force Aberlee Summer Storm
Vlandyn Star Romance
Maplecreek Anastasia Ch Aberlee Bransby
Ch Dwynella Violet Crumble
Trengate Twister Ch Trengate Hollywood Ch LeftBank The Stars at Night
Trengate Strike Up The Band
Lindfox Firs Kiss Ch Stonegroft's Second Sight
Trengate Lindfox Josephine

Haywire´s Never Give Up

Ch By Ninacorte Gizmo vom Moosacher Ch Ninacorte Got No Vices Ch Ninacorte DJ Miame Vice.
Ch Ninacorte Nina Ricci
Ch Ninacorte See Me Dance Ch Ninacorte DJ Miame Vice
Ch Jade Tree Pemway Dock Soap
Ch Haywire´s Farewell Seattle Ch Haywire´s Winds of Change Ch Dygae Wild Night
Ch Haywire´s Faithful Marian
Ch Trengate Ticket To Ride Ch Emrys Midnight Sun
Ch Howbout Maid of Music