International Champions

Haywire´s Updatad Edition
Dygae Super Edition
Haywire's Worth Every Penny
Haywire´s Visible Voyager
Haywire´s Talk of The Town
Haywire´s Don't Let Me Down
Haywire´s One Moment In Time
Haywire´s No Second Thoughts
Haywire´s Nothing Else Matters
Haywire´s Blues For Alice
Haywire´s You Know The Best
Haywire´s Get Shorty Gene
Haywire´s Don't Mind Me
Haywire´s Don't Say a Word
Haywire´s Ever After
Haywire´s Walk By Side
Haywire´s Stand By Me
Haywire´s Perdendo
Haywire´s Never Give Up
Haywire´s Line of Faith
Trengate Mardi Gras
Haywire´s Vinegar
Trengate Ticket To Ride
Haywire´s Easy Ride
Haywire´s Getting Closer
Haywire's Go To Get You
Haywire´s Worth of Faith
Haywire´s Raindrop
Haywire´s Farewell Seattle
Dygae Travellers Tale
Haywire´s Andante Vivo
Haywire´s Winds of Change
Haywire´s Neat Nug´get
Dygae Wild Night
Haywire´s Quit of Limits
Haywire´s Purple Hill
Haywire´s Friendly Richie
Haywire´s No One Like Me
Haywire´s Hag of Tarujen
Dygae Velvet Glove
Haywire´s Have A Dream
Haywire´s Faithful Marian
Dygae Glamourboy
Haywire´s Emmylou Harris
Haywire´s Only You
Tarujen Such a Haywire
Rivona Such Selection of Cinonnie

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Haywire´s Been Worth The Wait
Haywire's Yours Faithfully
Haywire´s Vintage Vision
Haywire´s Set Fire To The Rain
Haywire´s Trust In Me
Haywire´s Turning Heads
Haywire´s Keep In Mind
Haywire´s Me Myself And I
Haywire´s Playful Life
Haywire´s One Way Or Another
Haywire´s Keep On Winning
Haywire´s Easier Than You Think
Haywire´s Here We Go Again
Haywire´s Hold On To Faith
Haywire´s You Better Know
Haywire´s Get Going Grace
Haywire´s Walk With Me
Haywire´s Gunrunner Gary
Haywire´s Vancouver Blues
Haywire´s Hometown Alley
Haywire´s Blues In The Night
Haywire´s Circle of Life
Haywire´s You Always Know
Haywire´s Light of Voice
Haywire´s Rosario
Haywire´s Preludium
Haywire´s Left by Strange
Anianol Galadriel
Haywire´s Moderato
Haywire´s Maggiore
Haywire´s Never Say Never
Haywire´s You Only
Haywire´s Heatstreet Boy
Haywire´s I´ve Only You
Haywire´s Give You a Ring
Haywire´s Divertimento
Haywire´s Qualified Style
Haywire´s United Nations
Haywire´s Rainbow
Haywire´s Quaint a Story
Haywire´s Nut To Cruck
Haywire´s No Name
Haywire´s Kilkenny Kite
Haywire´s Just In Heaven
Haywire´s Fiery Freddie
Haywire´s Cinnamon
Haywire´s Sheer Pleasure
Haywire´s Second Thought
Haywire´s Admiro
Haywire´s Adamant
Haywire´s Mistral
Haywire´s Mingus
Haywire´s Miller

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CAC Winners

Haywire´s Exclusively Yours
Haywire´s First Class Edition
Haywire´s Detailed Decision
Haywire's Blow Your Mind
Haywire´s Always By Your Side
Haywire´s Better Watch Out
Haywire´s Ask For The Moon
Haywire´s Whatever It Takes
Haywire´s What Goes Around
Haywire´s Until The End
Haywire's No More Secrets
Haywire´s Right Here Right Now
Haywire´s Return To Sender
Haywire´s Quiet Before Storm
Haywire´s Verwood Reggae
Haywire´s Vermont Soul
Haywire´s Because of You
Haywire´s Walk On Top
Haywire´s Assai Con Amore
Haywire´s Ultra Foxy Lady
Haywire´s Kilwinning Wind
Haywire´s Upcoming Night
Haywire´s Quatated Word
Haywire´s Pelican Point
Haywire´s Golden Slumbers
Haywire´s Adelain
Haywire´s Secret Dream
Haywire´s Miracle

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