Pedigree of

Haywire´s D - litter 2010

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

Haywire's Verwoood Reggae

Haywire's Winds of Change
Ch Dygae Wild Night Ch Dygae Wild Side
Ch Dygae Silver Glow
Ch Haywire's Faithful Marian Ch Rivona Such Selection of Cinonnie
Haywire's Indian Fourth
Ch Anianol Galadriel Ch Dygae Travellers Tale Ch Stormwey Traveller
Ch Dygae Silver Star
Ch Trengate Ticket To Ride Ch Emrys Midnight Sun
Ch Howbout Maid of Music

Haywire´s Perdendo

Ch Trengate Mardi Gras Ch Maplecreek Silver Spoon Ch Aberlee Storm Force
Maplecreek Anastasia
Trengate Twister  Ch Trengate Hollywood
Lindfox First Kiss
Ch Haywire's Divertimento Ch Dygae Velvet Glove Ch Vlandyn Velour
Ch Dygae Spellbound
Ch Haywire's No Name Ch Pemwell Perique
Ch Haywire's Emmylou Harris