Pedigree of

Haywire's I-litter 2020

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Merthyr Wanda-Be Born To Run

Ch Merthyr Wanda Be The Piano Man Ch Byendebrok Maplecreek Baccarat Ch Maplecreek Montgomery
Ch Byendebrok Belles n Whistles
Ch Merthyr Wanda Be a Pikelet Ch Maplecreek Silvet Spoon
Merthyr Wanda Be Cosette
Ch Merthyr Wanda Be Silver Penny Ch Maplecreek Silver Spoon Ch Aberlee Storm Force
Maplecreek Anastasia
Ch Merthyr Wanda Be Shayd O'Lace Ch Anwyl Paris Match
Merthyr Wanda Be Frills N Lace

Ch Haywire´s Talk of The Town

Sandfox Eweknow Eclipse of The Heard
Ch Greenwoods Fame And Fortune Ch Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti
Ch Sandfox Destiny
Ch Brynlea Teeny Weeny Bikini Ch Sandfox Medaglia D'Oro
Ch Brynlea Gaylord Bikini Bottom
Ch Haywire's Easier Than You Think Ch Haywire's Stand By Me Ch Trengate Mardi Gras
Ch Haywire's Raindrop
Ch Haywire's Never Give Up Ch By Ninacorte Gizmo vom Moosacher
Ch Haywire's Farewel Seattle