Haywire´s One Moment In Time
Haywire´s Nothing Else Matters
Haywire´s No Second Thoughts

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Haywire´s Turning Heads
Haywire´s Talk of The Town
Haywire´s Keep In Mind
Haywire´s Me Myself And I
Haywire´s Playful Life
Haywire´s One Way Or Another
Haywire´s Keep On Winning

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CAC Winners

Haywire's Until The End
Haywire's Worth Every Penny
Haywire's No More Secrets
Dygae Super Edition
Haywire´s Visible Voyager
Haywire´s Vintage Vision
Haywire´s Updatad Edition
Haywire´s Set Fire To The Rain
Haywire´s Trust In Me
Haywire´s Right Here Right Now
Haywire´s Return To Sender
Haywire´s Quiet Before Storm

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